NYC Leadership Academy Online Coaching Modules

coachesCreated in collaboration with Missouri’s Administrator Mentor Program (AMP) and with input from leaders in various school districts, these materials and resources are designed to support you in your ongoing learning and the refinement of your coaching/leadership practice. Representing the latest in cutting edge thinking about the development of effective leadership skills and behaviors, these modules explore the Facilitative Competency-Based (FCB) Coaching model in conjunction with the Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet (LPPW). 

Through FCB Coaching, coaches/mentors foster trusting professional relationships with school leaders, enabling school leaders to reflect on targeted leadership behaviors, practices, and school challenges while developing clear action steps to accelerate school transformation and student achievement. These modules will allow you to explore the FCB Coaching model, see examples of FCB Coaching in action, and practice coaching strategies that target critical leadership behaviors for early-career school leaders.

Developed by NYC Leadership Academy and used nationally, the LPPW is a tool that anchors school leadership development and coaching by identifying the critical leadership behaviors early-career school leaders must practice to lead school improvement effectively. The online modules provide an in-depth exploration of the LPPW’s leadership dimensions, with emphasis on strategies for development in the dimensions.

The scenarios and videos in these modules were developed by the coaches at the NYC Leadership Academy and are based on their coaching experiences.

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A place for our national network of mentors and coaches to discuss challenges, successes, and wonderings about coaching practice. This forum is for coaches and mentors across the country to join a national network, to share ideas and questions, and to learn from each other.

For instructions for subscribing to forums, See Module One | Session One: Introduction.

keyboard and mouse This module introduces mentors and mentees to the online coaching modules. Content includes a tour of the website and features, an overview of online communication tools and suggestions for using online tools to enhance mentoring.

a mentor and her mentee
This module explores the essentials of coaching and working with adult learners.

mentor and mentee This module covers preparing for first conversations and meetings with the new leader. Topics include: collecting low-inference data, establishing an effective relationship, developing goals, and using the LPPW as a supporting tool.

woman listening Developing listening and questioning skills is part of the continuous learning process and takes time. The goal of this module is to examine these skills in detail and provide you with practice related to their use.

mentor and mentee working together Giving and receiving feedback reflects an investment in the work of school/district improvement, learning, performance, and growth. This module discusses preparing to give and receive feedback and techniques for effective feedback.

Two school leaders working together This module covers choosing strategies and techniques to use in service of the ever-present goal of helping to move the mentee toward becoming an independent leader and in the work of focused school/district improvement.

two puzzle pieces A school leader's position is highly visible, and therefore, the leader’s personal and professional demeanor and relationships must be managed in a purposeful and strategic way.

chess board This module explores the skills and habits of mind of a resilient leader, helps a mentor identify a mentee who is struggling with resilience, and provides strategies for coaching a school leader toward becoming more resilient.

chess board When a school leader is communicating with the ultimate purpose of accelerating student learning in his/her school, the leader's communication has the power to influence the school and community.

organizational chart A school leader’s challenge is to lead staff, ensuring their focus on student performance, while maintaining his/her own focus on student performance on a school-wide level.

Two school leaders working together A leader who is skilled in Situational Problem-Solving, is able to identify problems that arise each day, consider them within their context, identify patterns and trends among problems, analyze systems and procedures beneath the problems, and solve problems strategically.

meeting If the purpose for school is for students to learn, then the way that a school moves forward is through learning. If the learning on the part of students, staff, and teachers is dynamic and effective, then the school will accelerate student achievement.
keyboard and mouse The goal of this module is to help assess and diagnose where a mentee is in the continuum of supervisory skills and provide tools and strategies to effectively coach a mentee in this dimension.

notes Management is an essential part of leadership. Without managerial skills, a leader will not be able to approach “transformation.” This module explores in depth dimension 8.0: Management.

notes Active learning is a key component of effective coaching. Throughout the modules we examine a variety of ways mentors actively learn about mentees and mentees’ contexts.